Is Lasik Eye Surgery Safe?
By: Date: May 24, 2021 Categories: Uncategorized

Lasik eye surgery is a safe and reliable procedure for clear and stable vision without any visual aids. It has a high success rate with a quick recovery time. However, the success of Lasik eye surgery varies from person to person. You can visit my clinic to clear your doubts about Lasik surgery in Delhi (visual aids centre). There are several factors that decide your success percentage. These factors include age, stable eye prescription, the thickness of the cornea, etc. Lasik is a proven and most trustworthy eye surgery to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. So, if you are looking for a painless and safest way to get rid of glasses or contacts then consult an experienced surgeon for the process.

Many people think it will cost them a lot for this laser treatment. But let me tell you this is not the case, Lasik surgery cost in India ( is reasonable and pocket-friendly. The Lasik surgery process uses a special type of cutting laser to reshape your cornea. When a person suffers from an eye condition then his/her cornea changes its shape causing blurry vision. Reshaping the cornea refracts the light precisely to form clear vision on the retina. Lasik is a bladeless surgery and takes only 20-30 minutes per eye for the whole surgery process.

Since Lasik reshapes the cornea to form the image naturally so this surgery is a permanent solution. People have attained a stable 20/25 vision for years. However, some people have to use fewer power glasses even after Lasik. This is because of the aging-eye problem, also known as presbyopia, that people suffer after their 40s. Another reason can be their high eye prescription.

Lasik is totally safe as it involves the removal of a certain amount of tissue from the cornea using an excimer laser. The doctor calculates the amount of tissue to be removed beforehand. Then, after removing the tissue the doctor uses a flap which acts as a natural bandage for the cornea. After surgery, you have to be very careful and do not hinder the healing process by any means. If you follow all the precautions then you will notice fast recovery without any complications.

Temporary risks: Complication resulting in vision loss is rarest in Lasik. But there are some common side effects of Lasik that clear up within a few weeks or months. Following are some common side effects post Lasik.

  1. Dry eyes: Lasik causes temporary dry eyes problems because of a decrease in tear production. Also, you may feel itchy because of dryness. But do not rub your eyes because it may damage the flap. You should use prescribed eye drops for lubricating your eyes.


  1. Glare and halos: Some people experience difficulty seeing at night post Lasik. You may also develop sensitivity to light and notice increased glares and halos around bright light. Some people notice double vision problems too. But these problems last only for a few days or weeks.


  1. Under correction: When the laser removes too little tissue from your cornea you would not get the desired results. Then, you may need another Lasik to remove more tissue.